Building a Business With Purpose

I caught up with Stuart Lambert, Founding Partner of Blurred; arguably the hottest and most successful comms/ESGP consultancy right now.

We spoke about purpose, the PR industry, starting and growing a business, why it's important to support like-minded businesses, as well as the highs and lows of entrepreneurship.

01:19 - How Blurred came about, what's the story behind it

02:05 - Where Stuart's desire to do purposeful work came from

03:45 - Does Stuart enjoy entrepreneurship

04:38 - What Day One of Blurred was like

06:25 - How Stuart deals with the pressures of running a business

09:00 - Blurred's first few clients

09:50 - Was there ever a worry of "will Blurred make it"

11:20 - Is there a 'magic formula' to creating a successful consultancy

12:50 - Why Blurred thinks it's important to help other new agencies blossom in the industry

14:30 - Defining ESGP

17:20 - The effects of COVID on purpose and the wider industry

22:15 - Creating a company culture and learning while WFH

24:25 - Is Blurred run with an "agency" mentality, or a "start-up" mentality