Building Brand Bale

In 2015, London-based start-up agency, Brane, was tasked with a massive challenge; creating a brand for the world’s most expensive, high-profile footballer at the time, Gareth Bale.

Leading the project was Creative Director, Mike Kramer, now a Partner and Head of Design at Nous House. It is a story that not many people know about, but one that generated a media frenzy when the brand was launched to the public in December that year. Look After Co-Founder, Felix, worked with Mike at Brane during that period.

Here, the two reunite for a light hearted exploration of how Mike built brand Bale, the launch that propelled him to the front of a media circus and the longevity of a design that is as loved by Gareth himself, as it is debated over by Football fans around the world.

0:34 - How did the project come about and what was the brief?

4:43 - Building authenticity, what the Bale brand wanted to be and how it would work

8:38 - Why did they create the logo?

9:55 - Why was the 'eleven of hearts' goal celebration used as the inspiration for the design?

15:30 - The website build

16:20 - Out of nowhere, the brand is launched to the public

17:44 - Thrown in at the deep end of a media frenzy

22:48 - How Gareth himself uses this personal brand mark

23:50 - Does the emotion of sport make it a tough place to build brands?

26:50 - Brand logo's are like music

29:48 - 'Playing' Football with Gareth himself