Our Story

We started out as a volunteer initiative at the height of the COVID pandemic. We could see thousands of talented people across creative and comms being furloughed or made redundant and too many businesses, charities and not-for-profit organisations that were desperate for creative or comms support. So we hatched Look After to do exactly what it said on the tin; look after those who want to look after the world.

We grew to over 350 members and have since evolved into a business and are now one of the hottest independent ethical creative comms agencies in the UK; working with a selection of the leading ethically-minded brands.

1st April 2020

We began life as a one-person volunteer initiative

2nd April 2020

We became a two-person initiative or as they call it, "co-founders"

4th April 2020

Our viral LinkedIn post announcing the initiative attracted 200 members to the Look After Network.

6th April 2020

Our story was covered by PR Week

End of April 2020

We had over a dozen pro bono charity clients and 50 "full-time" volunteers

1st Sept 2020

We rebranded and relaunched as a business, with Graham Goodkind as Non-Executive Chairman

1 April 2021

Exactly a year after launching as an initiative, we moved into our first office in Soho

June 2021

We are nominated as the best new EMEA agency of the year at the 2021 Sabre Awards


We have a talented core team, hundreds of specialists in the Look After Network and look after some of the UK’s leading ethical brands.